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Streetfood | All-day brunch | Cocktails | SMASHING INTERIOR | OLDSKOOL HIPHOP


Please feel free to walk in. Our lovely staff will seat you inmediately, or you can enjoy one of our amazing cocktails at the bar.

Party of 6 or more people? Click here to make a reservation:


When you walk into The Streetfood Club, you walk into our happy place; it’s a mixture of luxury and street. From the comfy crazy chairs that you never want to get out of, to the old school hiphop banging out of the speakers.

Everything is a contrast, but blends together in a cool way, just like we do!

We like to take you on a food trip from the slums of Mexico to the streets of Bangkok, all the while sipping on the amazing cocktail concoctions from our master bartender.


Welcome to The Streetfood Club.
Joost & Wes

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Janskerkhof 9, Utrecht
T. +31 (0)30 234 3406

 mon-fri: 11:00 - late
sat-sun: 10:00 - late