Reservation | The Streetfood Club


We take lunch & dinner reservations for groups between 6-12 people.

For dinner you have a choice between certain time slots, these vary during the week. The reservation tool Resengo gives you an accurate overview of the available time slot.

All dinner bookings have to choose one of our FEED ME! menu’s, you can do this beforehand or on the night itself. These menus consist of the best dishes TSFC has to offer. During the course of 2 hours we’ll surprise you with streetfood dishes from around the globe. Check out our menu’s!

If you want to book our ‘High Par-tea‘ concept we take reservations from 2 people between 2pm and 4pm. Your table is available up to 5:30pm.

For enquiries for private parties or group reservations for 12+ people, please contact us at