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Cocktail menu

At The Streetfood Club we’ve researched the old school cocktails and made them into our own little fantasy drinks. By using home infused spirits and liqueurs we’re giving them our unique finish.
All of our cocktails are made to order and take a bit longer than your beer or glass of wine, but we make them so delicious that they’re well worth the wait!

We’ve divided our cocktails into 5 sections:

Alcohol free
No alcohol? No worries… These cocktails are as delicious, if not better than our spiked ones!

Low in alcohol
Almost ready to start drinking again? Let your body ease in to it with these low ABV cocktails.

Our signature cocktails are like a trip around the world in 80 sips…. Strap in your seatbelt, hold onto your ticket and enjoy the ride!

Gin tonics and more
Easy-going, refreshing mixers that make you want to stay here for ever and ever!

  Bij The Streetfood Club hebben we onze kennis van de klassieke cocktails gebruikt en er onze eigen draai aan gegeven.
Al onze cocktails worden met zorg gemaakt en dit duurt iets langer dan bier of wijn, maar we maken ze zo lekker dat ze het wachten meer dan waard zijn!

We hebben onze cocktails onderverdeeld in 5 secties:

Alcohol free
Geen alcohol? Geen probleem… Deze cocktails zijn minstens net zo lekker als de cocktails met alcohol!

Low in alcohol
Bijna klaar om weer te gaan drinken? Laat je lichaam even rustig wennen met deze cocktails, laag in alcohol.

Onze kenmerkende cocktails zijn als een reis rond de wereld in 80 slokken…. Doe je gordel om, houd je kaartje vast en geniet van de rit!

Gin tonics and more
Makkelijk te drinken en verfrissende mixers die ervoor zorgen dat je hier nooit meer weg wilt!



Alcohol Free

Kingston Town 5.5
“Ask our staff where you can buy some purple haze, and your night is complete 😉 ”
pineapple juice | pomegranate juice | vanilla | sugar syrup | citric acid | hibiscus cordial | rose water
Love Oolong Time 4.5
“Bangkok inspired iced tea”
oolong & tropical fruit tea | watermelon | lime
Nicolas Sage 5.5
“Nicolas Cage’s herby brother”
guava juice | sage | lime | ice
Miightea Matcha Coco-berry Bonanza 4.5
“I don’t know Matcha, but I know this is some good shi…..”
miightea matcha strawberry | coconut milk
Vietnamese iced coffee 4.5
“Gooooooooodmorning Vietnam”
coffee | condensed milk | loads of ice


low in alcohol

Nijntje | Miffy | 米菲 | ミッフ 8
“Miffy steals an apple pie”
leyrat cognac | apple juice | sugar syrup | cinnamon
Bitch, Peas… 7.5
ketel one vodka | pea infused elderflower liqueur | sparkling water | lemon


Signature cocktails

Uh Huh Honey 9
“Yeezy’s honey boo boo”
plantation gran anejo rum | raspberry & honey syrup | oregano | angostura bitters | sparkling wine
Ode A Vespucci 9
“An ode to the greatest Italian explorer that has traveled the world”
strawberry infused martini ambrato vermouth | campari | lychee-grapefruit cordial
Notorious F.I.G. 9
“I love the way you call me Fig Papa”
fig infused pampero rum | peach bitters | lemon juice | eggwhite | vanilla syrup
Drunken Monkey Sour 10
“It won’t teach you the art of Kung Fu, but it will get you drunk”
bulleit bourbon | date | jopen mooie nel reduction | lemon | sugar syrup
Passionfruit Mimosa 8.5
“All the girls standing in the line for this cocktail”
vanilla vodka | passionfruit | sparkling wine syrup
Jenny From The Block 9.5
“Pretty as hell, big ASS flavors and spicy notes, this mamacita has it all”
corralejo reposado tequila | pineapple | ginger syrup | jalapeno | coriander | thai basil
Black Lavender Old Fashioned 10.5
“Black lavender, the 300 pound male stripper! If you don’t know who we’re talking about, google it ;-)”
bulleit bourbon | bitter truth violet liqueur | simple syrup | angostura bitters | aztec chocolate bitters | lavender
F*ck Apple, We’re Bringin’ Blackberry Back! 9
“Add me on Ping: 06 12 34 56 78”
tanqueray gin | chambord | blackberries | almond | hazelnut | egg white
Rey Misterio Jr. 9.5
“El mejor luchador del mundo”
nuestra soledad ejutla mezcal | ancho reyes verde liqueur | simple syrup | orange bitters | smoked seasalt


Gin and tonics

Gin Lane 7.5
tanqueray gin | fever tree indian tonic | grapefruit
The Alchemist 11
copperhead gin | fever tree mediterranean tonic | orange zest |
Let’s Get Spanish 9
gin mare | fever tree mediterranean tonic | rosemary | thyme
This Is Magic! 8.5
butterfly tea infused tanqueray gin | lime | fever tree indian tonic
Automne Dans Un Verre 8.5
citadelle gin | cinnamon | nutmeg | lemon peel | fever tree clementine tonic
Hermit the Crab 10
hermit coastal dutch gin | fever tree indian tonic | salsify | grapefruit peel


If you can’t find a cocktail to your liking, don’t be afraid to walk up to our bartenders and ask them to make your favourite poison 😉

Please inform us of your allergies before ordering.