The previous editions were a succes and Utrecht turned up! Get your tickets for the next Bottomless Boozy Drag Bingo Brunch on the first Sunday of the month.

November 5th with the OG Queen Sederginne and Loena Maas!

Your Sunday gets a lot more exciting with our Bottomless Boozy Drag Bingo Brunch, exclusively at TSFC Utrecht.

An afternoon full of entertainment, bingo, brunch, bottomless cocktails ànd a chance at winning awesome prizes.

We serve you one of our kick ass streetfood lunch dishes why we bingo in 3x3 rounds, all while enjoying bottomless cocktails.

Date: First Sunday of the month
Time: 12:00
End time: 16:00

Tickets include:
- 3 bingo cards for the first round
- Tickets for the 2nd and 3rd round will be sold separately
- Bottomless cocktails (!!!), bottomless tap beer, bottomless cola and water
- Choice of a tasty kick-ass streetfood lunch dish

Previous editions 


BBDBB-7-U-94 BBDBB-7-U-78 BBDBB-7-U-67 BBDBB-7-U-66 BBDBB-7-U-63 BBDBB-7-U-61 BBDBB-7-U-58 BBDBB-7-U-55 BBDBB-7-U-54 BBDBB-7-U-52 BBDBB-7-U-50 BBDBB-7-U-49 BBDBB-7-U-47 BBDBB-7-U-45 BBDBB-7-U-44 BBDBB-7-U-43 BBDBB-7-U-35 BBDBB-7-U-32 BBDBB-7-U-31 BBDBB-7-U-26 BBDBB-7-U-23 BBDBB-7-U-19 BBDBB-7-U-18 BBDBB-7-U-16 BBDBB-7-U-12 BBDBB-7-U-9 BBDBB-7-U-7 BBDBB-7-U-6 BBDBB-7-U-4 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-143 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-145 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-140 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-139 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-108 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-111 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-137 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-109 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-115 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-136 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-90 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-69 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-64 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-78 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-50 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-43 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-14 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-4 BBDBB-_5-Pride-Edition-37 BBDBB-_4-195 BBDBB-_4-138 BBDBB-_4-219 BBDBB-_4-150 BBDBB-_4-131 BBDBB-_4-20 BBDBB-_4-85 BBDBB-_4-71 BBDBB-_4-30 BBDBB-_4-104 BBDBB-_4-126 BBDBB-_4-65 BBDBB-_4-35 BBDBB-_4-67 BBDBB-_4-53 DSC08315 DSC08363 DSC00488 DSC08274 DSC00299 DSC00338 DSC08291 DSC00361 BBDBB-_2-63 BBDBB-_2-60 BBDBB-_2-72 BBDBB-_2-89 BBDBB-_2-130 BBDBB-_2-175 BBDBB-_2-22 BBDBB-_2-39 BBDBB-_2-51 BBDBB1-91 BBDBB1-97 BBDBB1-99 BBDBB1-86 BBDBB1-88 BBDBB1-89 BBDBB1-83 BBDBB1-84 BBDBB1-85 BBDBB1-78 BBDBB1-72 BBDBB1-69 BBDBB1-65 BBDBB1-61 BBDBB1-63 BBDBB1-51 BBDBB1-55 BBDBB1-46 BBDBB1-42 BBDBB1-39 BBDBB1-43 BBDBB1-41 BBDBB1-37 BBDBB1-33 BBDBB1-23 BBDBB1-28 BBDBB1-15 BBDBB1-8 BBDBB1-5 BBDBB1-12 BBDBB1-4